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Contribution of organic farming to public goods in Denmark

The potential contribution of organic farming to the public goods, ‘Nature and Biodiversity’, ‘Environment’, ‘Energy and Climate’, ‘Human Health and Welfare’ and ‘Animal Health and Welfare’ in Denmark is guided and partly secured by the principles and specific requirements of the EU Organic Regulation. However, other factors, such as the production type, farm size, geographical location and—not the least—the management of the farm, also influence the contribution.

Type artikkel: Publisert studie
21. mars 2019
Farm Animal Cognition—Linking Behavior, Welfare and Ethics

Farm animal welfare is a major concern for society and food production. To more accurately evaluate animal farming in general and to avoid exposing farm animals to poor welfare situations, it is necessary to understand not only their behavioral but also their cognitive needs and capacities. Thus, general knowledge of how farm animals perceive and interact with their environment is of major importance for a range of stakeholders, from citizens to politicians to cognitive ethologists to philosophers.

Type artikkel: Publisert studie


The Domestication of a Wild Grain


Denne artikkelen er skrevet av Elise Matilde Lund i Stiftelsen Kore til magasinet Hauste som utgis av Food Studio.   “Are you ready?” asks the artist, with a sculpture shaped like an animal head over her shoulders. “Yes. Let´s go, then”, replies the baker, carrying a backpack constructed from wood filled with seeds, sourdough bread …

Månedens master: Decentralization and liberalization of seeds and plant genetic resources regulations in Europe: A Danish case study.

Publisert: 14. mars 2019

Grégoire Turpin wrote his master thesis about regulatory frameworks concerning seeds and plant genetic resources, and how this affect practices that aim to conserve biodiversity. In his thesis he looks at a cereal and vegetable seed legilastion reform that was carried out in Denmark in 2015. Read Grégoire’s thesis in Koredatabasen.   Grégoire Turpin researched …

Kunnskap til middag

Publisert: 6. mars 2019

Denne artikkelen er skrevet av Elise Matilde Lund og Bergitte Lowzow hos Stiftelsen Kore og først publisert i Culturas medlemsblad Pengevirke.   Matnyttig forskning viser vei til bærekraftig kosthold. Stiftelsen Kore hjelper deg til gode matvalg. Knall røde og skinnende blanke, koblet sammen av grønne små armer. Der ligger de, næringsrike tomater på rekke og …