Månedens master: Norwegian short food supply chain development

Publisert: 14. november 2018

In this thesis Molly McKelvey Bulger writes abouth short food supply chains in Norway and what causes that leads to success and what restricts their growth. Molly looks at what are the best practices that enable these alternative food networks to thrive. The thesis is written at the Faculty of Biosciences at NMBU. If you want to read the whole thesis you can find it here.


Molly McKelvey Bulger writes abouth short food supply chains in Norway. Foto: Privat


How does your thesis contribute?

My thesis contributes to the literature on agriculture and food systems in a few main ways. Firstly, I used Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis as my main method during interviews. I was ambitious to have productive conversations that not only helped me understand my studied groups, but also hopefully help the organizations learn more about themselves, and propel them towards their future desired states. Instead of focusing on all the reasons we need to catapult agrifood systems towards more sustainable models, I aimed to focus at what was actually helping these idealistic groups, and what was holding them back. I place my research within a wider conversation around changing economic systems and the international growth of alternative food networks.


Whom do you hope to read your thesis and why?

I think anyone with an interest in creating change towards a more sustainable future, degrowth economics, and alternative agrifood systems could find interesting tidbits within my thesis work.   


If you were to research further on this topic, what would you investigate then?

If the organizations I studied allowed, I would spend more time working directly with them. It would be fascinating and meaningful to do research on the organization change-making process which we could base on the force field analyses we performed.


How has the work with the thesis affected your life?

This research project has affected my life immensely – transformed it, really. I feel confident about my passion to work in the field of agrifood system change and development. I will take the reading, experiences, and learning with me for the rest of my days. I eagerly search for the next project to which I will dedicate myself as passionately as I did this thesis.


You can read the whole thesis here.