Carbon sequestration in long term on farm studies in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture, Sweden

| Type artikkel: Rapport
Beginning in 1958, three sets of long-term field trials have been conducted at the Swedish Biodynamic Research Institute in Järna, Sweden.
Design of the field trial described in this paper differs from the earlier long-term experiments - it was established on an integrated biodynamic crop and livestock farm. Treatments were based on resources available on the farm; using only manure produced on-farm. The aim was to evaluate long-term effects on quality and yield in crops and quality parameters in soil, by comparing use of composted and not composted manure, with or without the full set of biodynamic preparations. Increase of carbon was calculated to a carbon sequestration averaging 400 kg carbon per ha and year in the topsoil, with the highest value (500 kg) with use of biodynamic treatments and composted manure, compared to 300 kg with use of not composted manure without biodynamic treatments.