Food Redistribution in the Nordic Region

| Type artikkel: Rapport
This report summarizes experiences from Phase I in a Nordic project on
food redistribution through food banks and direct redistribution, as well
as giving an overview of laws and regulations on the area. The project
was initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers as part of the Nordic
Prime Ministers’ green growth iniatiative, The Nordic Region – leading
in green growth, with budget from the Food and Agriculture program.
The project has focused on redistribution of food that has been donated
to prevent food waste, which means that ordinary sponsored food, either
free of charge or to a very low price, is not included.


Ole Jørgen Hanssen, Per Ekegren, Irmelin Gram-Hanssen, Pirjo Korpela, Nanna Langevad-Clifforth, Kristin Skov-Olsen, Kirsi Silvennoinen, Malin Stare, Åsa Stenmarck and Erik Svanes


Nordic Council of Ministers 2014

The main goals of this study and the report has been to:

 Give an overview and evaluation of the extent and potential effects of food redistribution in the Nordic region, both via food banks and more direct and local redistribution.

 To summarize the legal basis for regulation and control with food redistribution in the Nordic countries.

 To evaluate to what extent it has been harmonized or if it is regarded as important barriers to development of food redistribution.