Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
SolACE's overarching goal is to help European agriculture face the challenge of dealing with more frequent combined limitations of water and nutrients in the coming decades through the design of novel crop genotypes and agroecosystem management innovations to improve water and nutrient (i.e. N and P) use efficiency. To achieve this goal, SolACE will focus on three major European crops - potato, bread and durum wheat - and will identify the optimum combinations of above- and below-ground traits for improving resource use efficiency best-performing genotypes under combined water and N or P stresses and novel practices that make better use of plant-plant and plant-microbe interactions to access water, N and P resources in conventional, organic and conservation agriculture.
SolACE will implement a double interactive innovation loop, based on agroecosystem management and breeding strategies, and will imply the engagement of diverse end-users, across the production chain, through the SolACE consortium and stakeholders' events. The tested innovations will include crop genotype mixtures, legume-based crop rotations and cover crops, microbial inoculants, improved decision support systems and hybrids or products from genomic selection and participatory evolutionary breeding schemes. Data mining, modelling, phenotyping in high throughput platforms and field conditions, to experiments in research stations and farmers' networks will be implemented in contrasted pedo-climatic zones and made available for dissemination to a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including policy-makers.