A GOOD LIFE AND A GOOD DEATH Re-localising farm animal slaughter

| Type artikkel: Rapport
This report addresses a problem of great importance. For several decades we have witnessed the gradual erosion of the UK’s network of small local abattoirs. Farmers who want to minimise travelling times have been unable to prevent their animals being taken on longer journeys to distant slaughterhouses as local facilities disappear.
Farmers who want to market locally produced meat, from animals they have reared themselves, are finding it difficult to find nearby abattoirs that are prepared to slaughter small numbers of animals and then return the carcases to the farmer. Eating food produced locally and supporting local farmers and businesses are rightly viewed as important aspects of sustainability. The Sustainable Food Trust’s new report analyses the factors that have undermined the economic viability of low throughput local abattoirs. It helpfully sets out with great clarity the steps that are needed if we are to re-establish a network of small local abattoirs throughout the UK. Governments in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales must now act on the report’s cogent recommendations which will help revitalise rural economies and greatly benefit animal welfare in reducing journey lengths. The report also recommends the use of mobile abattoirs. These have been talked about for thirty years or more. Governments must now introduce the legislation and funding support that are needed to make it feasible to operate mobile abattoirs as these too would produce important animal welfare benefits in cutting out the journey to slaughter altogether.