Antibiotikaresistens i norsk fjørfeproduksjon: økt kunnskap via avanserte screening plattformer

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
There is a need for increased knowledge on occurrence and mechanisms for antibiotic resistance in Norwegian poultry production, where E. coli resistant to certain antibiotics are frequently found. Specifically, understanding the connection between antibiotic resistance in poultry and human consumption is essential. At present,central questions regarding risks, mechanisms, development, maintenance and spread of antibiotic resistance are largely unsolved.
The ResMap project aims at performing an extensive survey in a poultry production pipeline to reveal the occurrence and distribution of resistant bacteria present at such facilities. The bacteria identified will be subject to a large scale and detailed study on important factors for resistance development, such as biofilm formation, variation in resistance spectrum and level, and resistance mechanisms. Resistance transfer to known pathogens for human and poultry, including resistance transfer from dead bacteria are essential questions that will be investigated. The extent of biofilm formation within different sites in a poultry production pipeline will be mapped, and the presence and properties of resistant bacteria in such biofilms will be explored. The effect of commonly used disinfectants on resistant bacteria will also be determined by controlled biofilm model studies. A research group with state-of-the-art technology is established to perform the project which is expected to contribute to increased understanding of bacterial antibiotic resistance in Norwegian food production and the impact on human health.