Avancerat integrerat växtskydd mot jordloppor i vårraps

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
Flea beetles are serious insect pests in spring oilseed rape. After neonicotinoid seed treatments were restricted, no effective chemical control methods are currently available for flea beetle control. Crop protection has therefore become a serious limiting factor for growing the crop. In an ongoing research project we find that by applying principles of integrated pest management, spring oilseed rape can be grown despite the lack of effective chemical control.
Important new aims in this project are to (1) test if zero tillage reduce flea beetle damage, (2) develop models that predict flea beetles damage in time and (3) space, and (4) update the economic threshold for damage in order to achieve more efficient chemical control. This project is collaboration between SLU, the Plant Protection Centers, the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies and the Swedish Seed and Oilseed Growers' Association and it will be executed in close contact with stakeholders.   Lenke: http://www.lantbruksforskning.se/projektbanken/avancerat-integrerat-vaxtskydd-mot-jordloppor-i-va/?page=8&app_year=&category=&hide_finished=yes&pub_year=&search=