Bedding hygiene, cleanliness and lying behaviour for heifers housed on wood chip or straw deep bedding

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The aim of this project was to compare the hygienic quality of the bedding, as well as the parasitic load, cleanliness and lying behaviour in heifers kept on either straw or wood chip deep bedding. Fourteen heifers kept in two pens were housed on straw or wood chip bedding for 43 days, after which the bedding material was switched for 43 additional days.
Significantly more mould was found in wood chip than in straw and there was a tendency towards less yeast in wood chip. The heifers had a low faecal parasitic load. The results indicate that the wood chip treatment resulted in somewhat cleaner animals. The heifers had a significantly longer total lying time when kept on straw. In conclusion, wood chip deep bedding could be an option as bedding material, but the impact on hygiene of bedding material and lying behaviour needs to be further investigated.   Lenke: