Biochar reduces volatile organic compounds generated during chicken manure composting

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The efficiency of biochar for reducing the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) was investigated in a composting mixture containing 90% poultry manure and 10% straw (with and without 3% biochar addition) at three different stages of the process. The use of a low application rate of biochar reduced the concentration of VOC during the thermophilic phase.
Biochar significantly reduced the levels of nitrogen volatile compounds, which are the most abundant VOC family, originated from microbial transformation of the N-compounds originally present in manure. The most efficient VOC reduction was observed in oxygenated volatile compounds (ketones, phenols and organic acids), which are intermediates of organic matter degradation, whereas there was no effect on other VOC families (aliphatic, aromatic and terpenes). These results suggest the importance of not only the sorption capacity of biochar but also its impact in the composting progress as main drivers for VOC reduction.   Lenke: