Delightful organic apple

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
Apple are a popular fruit, they promote health and are the most produced fruit in Switzerland. However, in order to produce them economically and sustainably under organic conditions, new and robust varieties are needed. Conventionally bred varieties are generally only resistant against scab and fire blight. For organic farming, further resistance against diseased and physiological disturbances like sooty blotch, Marssonina, Gloeosporium or biennial bearing is very important. Breeding a new apple variety is cost- and labour-intensive, and takes many years. This project will scientifically support the biodynamic breeding initiative Poma Culta and lead it into the future.
This is done with modern and efficient breeding methods and selection techniques. This includes a scientifically sound parental selection, a selection of the offspring with the help of modern diagnostic technologies as well as creating a system to increase faster .interesting breeding numbers. Another important part of the project is the development of an international variety testing for promising varieties.