En ny innovativt hållbar IPM-strategi för effektiv kontroll av bladlus i fruktodlingar

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
The use in horticulture of neonicotinoid insecticides is under debate at the European level due to their toxic side effects on natural enemies and pollinators. Alternatives need to be developed to provide efficient and sustainable control of economic important pest such as aphids. In this project we will set-up an IPM tool to enhance the biological control of aphids in fruit crops in Sweden.
We will identify herbivory induced plant volatiles released upon aphid attack by apple and cherry and incorporate them in a biodegradable paste to pull beneficials to fruit trees (Predator-Pull). We will also formulate sugars and proteins within another biodegradable paste to divert ants from attending aphids on trees (Ant-Stop). The two optimized biodegradable pastes will be applied simultaneously (Stop&Pull) on trees with the aim to maximize aphid biocontrol. The knowledge acquired through this study will form a base to increase the efficacy of biological control in a number of additional crops.   Lenke: http://www.lantbruksforskning.se/projektbanken/en-ny-innovativt-hallbar-ipm-strategi-for-effektiv/?search=&pub_year=&app_year=&category=&page=17&hide_finished=yes