Filtreringsmetoder för utvinning av växtproteiner avsedda för morgongadens produktion av livsmedel

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
We are facing a protein shift in which a portion of the animal based protein in our diet needs to be replaced by plant proteins to reduce the climate impact from the food sector. Many agricultural by-streams contain high value proteins not used to their full potential. We aim to recover proteins from by-streams from rapeseed oil production and quinoa starch isolation by membrane technology to recover and concentrate proteins, and reduce unwanted compounds in a cost efficient way.
Key challenges are optimization of pre-treatments and maximize the protein yield through membrane material/module choices, and operating conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.). Techniques are currently used in the dairy industry, but need to be optimized for this application. The impact for the industry is: farmers can increase revenues via by-stream valorization, new protein foods with low climate impact can be created, the import of soy can be reduced, and jobs created in Sweden.   Lenke: