Gräsbaserad effektiv nötkreatursproduktion – effekter på ekosystemtjänster och ekonomi

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
A large share of agricultural land is used for cattle production. This land use is important for ecosystem services and biodiversity. Abandonment of grazed pastureland is a reality. Consumer interest is growing for environmentally friendly produced milk and beef with high animal welfare standards; these aspects often come together in grass-based production systems with much grazing. If this trend continues, a significant share of cattle population can be raised in grass-based certified production systems in future.
This project analyse effects on economy and ecosystem services of a cattle production mainly based on grass and pasture. Land use and economy are in focus and ecosystem services associated with land use are quantified. In two workshops in cooperation with the cattle sector, scenarios for a future grass-based cattle production are discussed and how environmental schemes should be designed to benefit milk-and beef production that provides long-term sustainability.   Lenke: