Green Care in the Nordic countries – a research field in progress

| Type artikkel: Rapport
Rapport fra Nordisk workshop om Grønn omsorg/Inn på tunet på oppdrag fra Nordisk ministerråd, Landbruks- og matdepartementet og Innovasjon Norge.
In the last decade an increasing number of persons with mental, physical and social problems participate in different Green Care services in the Nordic countries and other European countries. Despite that it is much practical experiences with the utilization of agricultural farms and its nature surroundings as a basis for promoting human health, the research is still scarce. The main goal for this first Nordic workshop on Green Care was to provide a status of research on Green Care, and how these services are organized in the Nordic countries. Furthermore the aim was to identify research goals on Green Care in a Nordic context. Finally, we also aimed to facilitate the potential development of a Nordic research network within Green Care. The Nordic research workshop was held in Tronheim, Norway, by the 25th of June 2012. Totally 32 researchers from all the Nordic countries participated. The workshop consisted of key speakers from each Nordic country, giving a status of Green Care, and four working groups. These groups were divided in the following research fields: 1) Human-animal interaction 2) Horticulture and landscape 3) Green Care and public health, and 4) Planning, regional development and economics. This report is a collection of abstracts, summing up the discussion and reflection in the different working groups, and point out suggestion for further collaboration. Planning and carrying out the workshop was made possible with the generous support of The Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Innovation Norway, Nordic council of ministers (Norden). Thanks to all participants for your contributions and fruitful discussions. A special thank to the scientific committee, Grete Patil, Camilla Ihlebæk, Ivar Pettersen and Ingeborg Pedersen for planning and coordinating the workshop groups, and finally thanks to Janne Brodin for the technical support.