Integrerad bekämpning i nytt ljus

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
A novel integrated control approach of grey mold and powdery mildew in greenhouse tomato is launched based on (i) addition of specific organic nutrients to the spray solution of microbiological control agents and (ii) exposure to selected light qualities.
This enables to tailor improved establishment and activity of biocontrol strains for control of mildew and grey mold as well as direct light induced control of the fungal pathogens. Optimal arrangement of light emitting diode (LED) armatures is determined by modelling. A blue print is developed and demonstrated in the greenhouses at the SLU campus in Alnarp. This three-year-long applied research project is conducted in close collaboration between SLU, RISE and growers. The Swedish horticultural sector benefits from this project through innovative environmentally sound practices to control fungal diseases in an important greenhouse crop which can be translated to other crops.   Lenke: