It’s never too late to join the revolution! – Enabling new modes of production in the contemporary Danish food system

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The Danish food system has undergone a transition in the past 10-20 years, in which new quality conventions have evolved. Examples include, increasing organic production and consumption, increasing interest in local food, experience, community, taste and gastronomy. This article explores the barriers and opportunities for enabling new modes of production in the food system.
We conduct a multiple comparative case study involving three product categories (craft beer, specialty flour and organic broilers). The cases are described using, statistical data, document analysis and individual interviews. Craft beer and specialty flour are characterized by a revolution of conventions, in which new flavors, new products, new practices and new social relations are generated; by contrast, organic broilers have not fulfilled its market potential. The case studies demonstrate that the revolution is not just taking place in one domain, but it implies a multidimensional reconfiguration of the food system and involve a complex transformation of material practices, institutions, social networks and cultural frames. In addition, the cases of craft beer and specialty flour demonstrate that a diversification of product categories, engaging consumers and the appreciation of aesthetic qualities are a critical factor in the transition.   Lenke: