Lantbrukaren som vattenförvaltare – rätt diagnos, lämplig plats, effektiv åtgärd!

| Type artikkel: Forskningsprosjekt
In this project, we want to take advantage of the farmers' own experiences, knowledge and visions, and combine them with the best available information about local specific topographic, hydrological, pedologic and agronomic conditions as well as with results from high-resolution modelling to develop farm-specific measures to reduce impacts on aquatic environment.
Thus, we want to shape abatement programs based on local conditions, equip farmers with information, data, knowledge and self-confidence to adapt counter-measures to provide maximum effect both for the environment and farms profitability. Pilot areas that we will focus on are 16 farms included in “Odling i Balans” (OIB) project. We believe that this approach is completely in line with The Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research challenge 'Best Practice' in general, and especially with the point about the further development of pilot farms that combines production, research and demonstration of new technologies.