Økologiske dyrkingssystemer for høyere og mer stabile kornavlinger—Systemanalyse for utvikling av korndyrking i økologisk landbruk 2003-2007

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Av avgjørende betydning for fremtidig politikk omkring struktur og utvikling av økologisk landbruk i Norge, er hvordan og i hvilken grad vi kan forbedre nivået og stabiliteten i kornavlingene.


Of vital importance for future policy on the structure and development of organic farming in Norway is how and to what extent we can improve the level and stability of cereal yields in organic cash cropping systems with limited access to organic nutrient sources, without compromising the major goal of sustainability in organic farming.  

Mål og fremgangsmåte

The project, which is one of four sub-projects under Planteforsks strategic institute programme “Organic cropping systems for higher and more stable cereal yields”, seeks solutions to this task through a comprehensive agroecological analysis based on component-oriented studies of major bottlenecks in organic cereal production (poor soil structure, insufficient nitrogen supply and perennial weeds) and on relevant information from other sources.  


A PhD student is being educated within the subject of agroecology.