Påvirkning av bor og vermikompost på avling og kvalitet på tomat i sur jord

| Type artikkel: Publisert studie
Det ble observert i eksperimentet at applisering av vermikompost påvirket avling og næringsopptak i tomat betydelig.
Effect of boron and vermicompost on yield and quality of tomato (lycopersican esculentum cv. Pusa ruby) in acid soils  


Vermicompost V3(20q/ha) and boron B1(Borax 10kg/ha) application found to be superior in vitamin C content (16.5 -20.96 mg/100gm), lycopene (40.66-45.25mg/100gm) and sugar content (4.06%-4.27%) in the pooled mean data of two years, where as maximum dose of boron had influenced the highest uptake of boron by plant and available boron in soil but the yield was decreased. Among the combinations, minimum dose of boron and maximum dose of vermicompost B1V3 was found to be superior in increasing the yield and quality of the tomato fruit, particularly the size, shape, colour, smoothness, the firmness, ascorbic acid, sugar content and also reduced fruit cracking. Low boron application and highest vermicompost i.e. B1V3 also increased the nutrient availability and carbon status in soil and highest boron uptake by plant in both the years of experimentation. However, the application of highest boron and vermicompost (B3V3) also observed the higher available boron in soil during the study period.  


It was observed from an experiment that application of vermicompost significantly influenced the yield, yield attributes and nutrient uptake of tomato.