Reindeer husbandry in Sápmi: How can we support a prosperous future for reindeer herding through research?

| Type artikkel: Rapport
The Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (NKJ) has commissioned Nordregio to provide an overview of research completed within the last 10 years in the field of reindeer husbandry in the Nordic countries. This report summarises and categorises those studies that have focused on socio-economic aspects of reindeer husbandry.
Based on the literature overview and the interviews with experts and researchers, the report then provides a platform for proposals for further research that may be carried out within the NKJ framework. In recent years, Nordregio has conducted applied research related to reindeer husbandry, for example, The Nordic Arctic Foresight Project. As part of that project, a series of workshops were held in which stakeholders discussed the future of regional development policy in the Arctic. Three workshops were organised in municipalities with a Sami population and reindeer herding as an important economic activity (Kautokeino in Norway, Jokkmokk in Sweden and Inari in Finland). In these communities, some of the opportunities discussed included: better utilisation of the whole reindeer for different market products (related to slaughterhouse regulations); increased local food production; and links between the Sami culture and economic experience. As part of the foresight project, a background study exploring business development potential in the Nordic Arctic was also produced, and included reindeer husbandry and related Sami business activities as part of the bioeconomy, tourism and creative industries. Further, an academic paper was published on the topic of conflict and collaboration in tourism destination development, using Kautokeino and Jokkmokk as case studies. Finally, Nordregio has produced a series of maps related to reindeer husbandry.   Se rapport under "relevante dokumenter".