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Alternative Food Networks – the Case of CSA in Norway

| Type artikkel: Masteravhandling

Kategori: Distribusjon og salg, Økonomi

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is an alternative food network (AFN) connecting producers and consumers, while also providing possibilities for consumers to be directly involved with food production. This study explores AFNs, exemplified with CSA in Norway, regarding how they strive to tackle some of the negative consequences of the agro-industrial food system (such as negative externalities on the environmental and primary producers, and the distances between consumers and processes of food production).

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Community supported agriculture in urban settings: A way for better understanding and implementation of sustainability – a Norwegian experience

| Type artikkel: Rapport

Kategori: Distribusjon og salg, Samfunnsutvikling, Urbant landbruk

Norway covers an abundant wilderness, only 3 % of the land are cultivated. Population is scarce many places of the country, but like trends elsewhere, there are a concentration towards more urban settings.. Urban citizens take action for future sustainable development through producing some of their own food. Politics protect land resources for agriculture, but agricultural areas are still decreasing. The official goal of 15 % production and market shares of organic products in 2020 can stimulate urban farming. Literature states how people carries out top goals for sustainability in a humble practical approach. The eagerness to grow food is underlined by the growth of community supported agriculture (CSA) from a single one in 2006 to more than 50 in 2016.

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