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Risks and opportunities of increasing yields in organic farming. A review

Current organic agriculture performs well in several sustainability domains, like animal welfare, farm profitability and low pesticide use, but yields are commonly lower than in conventional farming. There is now a re-vitalized interest in increasing yields in organic agriculture to provide more organic food for a growing, more affluent population and reduce negative impacts per unit produced. However, past yield increases have been accompanied by several negative side-effects.

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Foods of Norway

| Type artikkel: Forskningsinstitusjon

Kategori: Husdyr, Matjord, Matplanter, Økonomi

Foods of Norway-konsortiet består av ni akademiske og 15 industrielle partnere med kompetanse innen områdene bioprosessering, bioteknologi, fôrteknologi, fysiologi, ernæring, helse, genetikk, matkvalitet, samt ressursøkonomi og bærekraftanalyser.

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