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Towards an EU Regulatory Framework for Climate-Smart Agriculture: The Example of Soil Carbon Sequestration

| Type artikkel: Publisert studie

Kategori: Karbon og karbonlagring, Klima og miljø, Samfunnsutvikling

This article assesses current and proposed European Union (EU) climate and environmental law, and the legal instruments associated with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), to see whether soil carbon sequestration is sufficiently promoted as a promising example of ‘climate-smart agriculture’. The assessment shows that current and proposed policies and instruments are inadequate to stimulate large-scale adoption of soil carbon projects across Europe.

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Nutrient supply to organic agriculture as governed by EU regulations and standards in six European countries

| Type artikkel: Publisert studie

Kategori: Fosfor, Næringsstoffer

Organic farming systems need to replace nutrients exported via farm products, especially phosphorus (P) which may otherwise become depleted in soil in the long term. In Europe, EU regulations for organic production are shaping the farming systems with respect to inputs of nutrients. Permitted off-farm P sources include conventional animal manure, composted or anaerobically digested organic residues, rock phosphate, and some animal residues such as meat and bone meal.

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Threats to soil quality in Denmark – A review of existing knowledge in the context of the EU soil thematic strategy

| Type artikkel: Rapport

Kategori: Erosjon, Jordpakking, Matjord

The EU Commission is preparing a proposal for a Soil Framework Directive with the purpose of protecting the soil resources in Europe. The proposal identifies six major threats to a sustained quality of soils in Europe. This report addresses the threats that are considered the most relevant under the prevailing soil and climatic conditions in Denmark: compaction, soil organic matter decline, and erosion by water and tillage.

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