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Towards pesticide-free farming? Sharing needs and knowledge promotes Integrated Pest Management

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Kategori: Agroøkologi, Plantevern og plantehelse

The overuse of chemical pesticides led to the fast-growing development of resistance in targeted insect pests, as well as to severe effects on non-target organisms and human health as well (Desneux et al. 2007; Benelli 2015, 2018a,b; Naqqash et al. 2016; Pavela and Benelli 2016; Guedes et al. 2016). In plant protection, a number of eco-friendly methods to manage insect pest populations have been developed with the aim to reduce the employ of synthetic pesticides (Gut et al. 2004; Millar 2007; Welter et al. 2005; Witzgall et al. 2010; Brockerhoff et al. 2012; Daane et al. 2012; Miller and Gut 2015).

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