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Impacts of organic matter amendments on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in grassland soils

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Kategori: Karbon og karbonlagring, Klima og miljø, Matjord

Organic matter amendments have been proposed as a means to enhance soil carbon (C) stocks on degraded soils. However, only few data exist on rates of soil C sequestration or the fate of added C in grassland soils, which are generally thought to have high C storage potential. We measured changes in the amount of C and nitrogen (N) in soils and in the composition of soil organic matter (SOM) following a single application of composted organic matter in two annual grasslands from different bioclimatic zones (coastal and inland valley).

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Optimal bearbeiding av såbed under klima i endring

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Kategori: Klima og miljø, Matplanter, Produksjonsmetoder


Due to climate change, Norway experiences increasing precipitation, wetter soil and fewer days in the spring when the soil is suitable for seedbed preparation. Seedbed preparation is important for plant establishment and the final crop yield, therefore th is research project addresses seedbed preparation under wet conditions through the following three activities: 1. Seedbed characteristics and criteria under a changing climate. 2. Sowing operation, seedbed quality and germination. 3. Timeliness costs in connection with seedbed preparation and sowing in grain production. Optimal seedbed preparation is a key factor for increased yield. The project is therefore expected to contribute towards the Norwegian government’s goal of increased agricultural product ion as well as the farmers’ goal of increased income from their crop production. The project will also provide useful information to manufacturers and dealers of farm machinery and implements as well as to the Agricultural Extension Service in their advic e to the farmers on what kinds of machinery to apply and when to apply it. The project is owned by the Hedmark Universiy College while the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Bioforsk are key research partners. Most of the research will be carried out by a PhD student who will be recruited for the project. A project implementation team will be established with scientists from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Bioforsk and Hedmark University College. The project will be conducted in close c ooperation with AGROPRO (Agronomy for increased food production – Challlenges and solutions) which is the largest ongoing research project within agronomy in Norway. Funding for the project has been provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food throug h the Norwegian Research Council, Hedmark County Council, Hamar Municipality and the Kverneland Group.

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Mineralisering av karbon og nitrogen etter pløing av eng 2002-2006

Pløying av eng kan skape ekstreme situasjonar med omsyn på utvasking av N og problem knytt til vurdering av næringsforsyning. I økologisk drift er god utnytting av tilgjengelege N-ressursar særleg viktig fordi N oftast er avgrensande for plantevekst og fordi miljøaspektet er vektlagt. Prosjektet skal klarlegge potensialet for mineralisering av C og N etter pløying av eng med ulik alder og innhald av kløver.

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