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Comparison of the environmental performance of different treatment scenarios for the main phosphorus recycling sources

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Kategori: Fosfor, Gjødsel, Klima og miljø, Næringsstoffer

Efficient phosphorus (P) recycling from rural and urban areas is becoming an increasing issue due to the scarcity of natural P deposits. Based on a life cycle assessment (LCA), we analyzed the environmental performance of 17 different P supply and recycling approaches from urban wastes, biosolids and slaughterhouse wastes compared with the two conventional inorganic fertilizers phosphate rock and triple superphosphate.

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The challenge of imbalanced nutrient flows in organic farming systems: A study of organic greenhouses in Southern Germany

Organic greenhouse vegetable production is characterized by very high nutrient demands within short growing periods and high nutrient exports via products sold. Therefore, meeting crop nutrient demands and maintaining long-term sustainability in these systems is highly challenging. To gain insight in current practices this study assessed fertilization strategies and nutrient flows of ten organic horticultural farms (22 greenhouses and polytunnels) in Southwest Germany belonging to the two organic farming associations Bioland and Demeter (biodynamic) for a cropping period of three years.

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Underlag för nya kaliumrekommendationer till svensk potatisproduktion

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Kategori: Gjødsel, Grønnsaker, Kalium, Matjord, Matplanter, Potet, Produksjonsmetoder

The aim of this research proposal is to support well-founded potassium recommendations for Swedish table potatoes. The main issue today is that the recommendations are based on a few old experiments which were carried out with old management practices. There is a general practice among Swedish farmers to supplying more K than the potato plant needs for optimal growth in order to avoid quality issues.

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