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Abating N in Nordic agriculture – Policy, measures and way forward

During the past twenty years, the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway) have introduced a range of measures to reduce losses of nitrogen (N) to air and to aquatic environment by leaching and runoff. However, the agricultural sector is still an important N source to the environment, and projections indicate relatively small emission reductions in the coming years.

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Can living mulches in intercropping systems reduce the potential nitrate leaching? Studies of organic cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) and leek (Allium porrum L.) production across European conditions

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Kategori: Matplanter, Næringsstoffer, Produksjonsmetoder

The effect of introduction strategy for living mulches (LMs) to reduce the potential nitrate leaching was investigated when grown with vegetables with high nitrogen (N) demand and low use efficiency in four European countries: Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Denmark over 2 yr. The plant N uptake and soil nitrate N content at harvest, in the autumn, and in the following spring were measured below open-pollinated and hybrid cultivars of cauliflower and leek crops.

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Controlled traffic farming effects on soil emissions of nitrous oxide and methane

| Type artikkel: Publisert studie

Kategori: Klima og miljø, Produksjonsmetoder

Soil compaction affects soil aeration and gas diffusivity, and thus has a major impact on the release of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from fertilised soils. Controlled traffic farming (CTF) systems reduce the area of compacted soil by confining all field traffic to permanent traffic lanes, and a pilot trial at one long-term CTF site provided evidence of reduced soil emissions.

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Jordfruktbarhet i økologiske dyrkingssystem «FertilCrop»

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Husdyrløs økologisk planteproduksjon er utfordrende, men samtidig en måte å øke andelen økologiske planteprodukt. Hvordan kan vi utvikle effektive og bærekraftige dyrkingsmetoder som bedrer avlingene i økologisk planteproduksjon.

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