Stikkord: redusert biodiversitet

Decentralization and liberalization of seeds and plant genetic resources regulations in Europe: A Danish case study.

In a context of severe plant genetic diversity erosion, the regulatory framework of the European Union is perceived as a limiting factor for practices aiming to conserve cultivated biodiversity. To create more supportive frameworks, some EU member states liberalized seed trade and landraces cultivation at national or regional level. For this paper, a case study of the 2015 cereal and vegetable seed legislation reform in Denmark has been carried out.

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Seed coating with a neonicotinoid insecticide negatively affects wild bees

Understanding the effects of neonicotinoid insecticides on bees is vital because of reported declines in bee diversity and distribution and the crucial role bees have as pollinators in ecosystems and agriculture. Neonicotinoids are suspected to pose an unacceptable risk to bees, partly because of their systemic uptake in plants, and the European Union has therefore introduced a moratorium on three neonicotinoids as seed coatings in flowering crops that attract bees.

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Økologisk dyrket mark og biodiversitet

Controlling for the effects of local and landscape structure, we showed that OF leads to higher local weed diversity and that the presence of OF in the landscape is associated with higher local weed biodiversity also for conventionally farmed fields, and may reach a similar biodiversity level to organic fields in field margins. Based on these results, we derive indications for improving the sustainable management of farming systems.

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Kategori: Biologisk mangfold, Erosjon, Gjødsel, Humus, Jordbiologi, Jordpakking, Jordvern, Karbon og karbonlagring, Matjord

Jorddannelse er en prosess som går svært sakte og jord kan derfor betraktes som en ikke-fornybar ressurs. Det er derfor viktig å finne gode tiltak som reduserer tap av jord. Prosjektet skal utvikle effektive tiltak mot tap og forringelse av verdifull jord.

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