Stikkord: såtidspunkt

Impact of projected climate change on workability, attainable yield, profitability and farm mechanization in Norwegian spring cereals

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Kategori: Klima og miljø, Korn, Matjord

In cold-temperate climate with high soil water content in spring, the farmer often faces the choice between topsoil compaction during seedbed preparation and delayed sowing, both of which may reduce attainable cereal yield. The objective of this study was to explore whether future climate change with increasing precipitation would aggravate this dilemma.

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Inverkan av såtidpunkt och utsädesmängd på avkastningen hos aktuella typsorter av höstvete

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Kategori: Korn, Matplanter

Winter wheat harvests shows large variations over the years, and for the optimal plant population in the spring sowing time, stand establishment and winter survival is crucial. We want to examine the relation between sowing time, seed rate and temperature, and how it affects winter wheat crop development in two different modern types of varieties of winter wheat.

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