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The Exceptional 2018 European Water Seesaw Calls for Action on Adaptation

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Temperature and precipitation are the most important factors responsible for agricultural productivity variations. In 2018 spring/summer growing season, Europe experienced concurrent anomalies of both. Drought conditions in central and northern Europe caused yield reductions up to 50% for the main crops, yet wet conditions in southern Europe saw yield gains up to 34%, both with respect to the previous 5‐year mean.

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Strategier i ekologisk produktion i Sverige för att öka resiliens mot extrem torka

The summer year 2018 was extremely hot and dry in Sweden. Pasture crops dried down and cattle had to graze in the forest or on bushed land not cultivated for a long time. The harvest was extremely low for all crops. Swedish agriculture is adapted to weather variations but due to climate change extreme weather conditions are expected to occur more frequent, such as too much or lack of rain. We have to answer question about what knowledge and measure the farmer use to handle the drought and produce crops, milk and beef.

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Resilience of bacteria, archaea, fungi and N-cycling microbial guilds under plough and conservation tillage, to agricultural drought

Climate change causes droughts, which in turn cause significant physiological stress for soil microorganisms. In this study, we investigated how the abundance of total bacterial, crenarchaeal and fungal communities and the abundance of N-cycling microbial guilds responded to a severe agricultural drought event in a long-term experiment of minimum tillage (MT) and conventional ploughing (CT) at two soil depths.

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