Transitions to Agroecological Systems: Farmers’ Viewpoints

| Type artikkel: Publisert studie
We report a social science study of farmers’ experience of transition towards agroecological approaches in the UK with the aims to (i) identify motivations, challenges and opportunities encountered, together with the perceived benefits and disadvantages associated with the transition and (ii) gain an understanding of individuals’ trajectories in context, including social, economic, biophysical, cultural and psychological dimensions.
Fourteen farmers in England, Scotland and Wales that had undergone an agroecological transition were interviewed in early 2017 using a semi-structured interview case study approach. Answers were analysed, considering mainly two theoretical models of farmers’ decision-making. Key triggers were farmers newly taking over a business or feeling inspired by meeting agroecological farmers. Farmers’ biggest challenges included issues related to people, technical issues, financial and organic regulations. State support measures were often mis-matched to the farmer’s approach which deterred some farmers from submitting applications.   Lenke: