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Agroforestry for soil health

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Kategori: Agroforestry, Jordbiologi, Matjord, Regenerativt landbruk

Healthy soil is one of the most critical resources for the health and sustainability of ecosystems, including agroecosystems. Although the agroforestry community has long been convinced of the soil health benefits of agroforestry practices, many of such practices remain to be fully accepted by the mainstream agriculture community. Agroforestry, as a sustainable land management practice, has shown solid evidence of its role in improving soil quality and health based on at least four decades of data gathered from the world over.

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Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

The 13th edition of the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture includes 14 articles of EUROLEGUME's scientific research in its 'In Focus' section. In addition to the 14 articles, the 'In Focus' starts off with an editorial on 'Enhancing legume growing through sustainable cropping for protein supply' and a review on 'Cowpea: a legume crop for a challenging environment'.

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